28 september 2019


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Participants are responsible for reading race information and attendance at the pre-race information meeting.  

Please read the event details and rules!

# Prizes: Awards to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as lots of raffle give-aways at the awards ceremony.


Important information about the junior classes!

  • Junior men and women are in a trainings class (but you will receive your stage times).
  • All participants must have a valid NCF license and must present their license when receiving their start number.
  • We cannot provide one-time licenses at the event.
  • Hardbarka Enduro trainings class is open to all participants from 13 to 16 years of age.
  • Remember photo identification with your birthday when collecting your start number.


* All participants must have a valid license and must present this license when receiving their start number.

* If you do not have a yearly NCF license a one-time license can be purchased when receiving your start number.  For more information please see the NCF's webpage here: https://reg.eqtiming.no/?EventUID=21027

* Hardbarka Enduro is open to all participants from 17 years of age and older.  Remember your to bring ID with your birthdate when you collect your start number.  NOTE: there is a trainings class for participants that are 13-16 years of age.

* Riders must follow the marked trails as setup by the event managers.  Riders must follow the trails and not cut corners or take shortcuts that provide a time advantage.  If you leave the trail accidentally you must return to the spot where you left the trail before continuing your race.  The race trails and transport stages are well marked with sign posts and florescent tape.  Note: We ask that participants that leave the trail and break tape markings repair those marking before continuing


* Registration and payment of start number fees must be completed within the listed timeline.

* Respect the trails.  We work hard to maintain good trails in Hemsedal as well as good relations with the local landowners.  We ask that you clean up after yourselves and do not litter.

* If another competitor catches up to you on the trail you must allow that person to pass efficiently.

* Failure to follow race rules can lead to a time penalty or disqualification.

* Participants must use a helmet whenever riding, both up and downhill.  Helmet must be on your head.

* Other body armor such as knee, elbow, and/or back protection is up to the discretion of the participant.

* Registration fees are non-refundable.

* Please carry a charged mobile phone so that you are able to call emergency services if necessary. Emergency contact here: Ikke klart

* You are allowed to stop and help fellow participants.  In the case that you are delayed while helping an injured participant the event manager has the option of adjusting your stage timing.

* Participants are only allowed to use one bicycle during the course of the event.

* Competitors are not allowed to accept help from spectators or other non-participants.

* Participants should be prepared with spare parts, food and drink during the entire competition.  However, help between participants is allowed.

* Storage of equipment shall only take place at labelled storage areas.  Outside of these areas, equipment storage is not allowed.