28 september 2019


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Welcome to Hardbarka Enduro in Hemsedal, Norway

September 28, 2019

Photos: Svenn Fjeldheim

Welcome to the Hardbarka Enduro in Hemsedal!

Hemsedal Enduro is a unique enduro mountain bike competition in the heart of the high alpine.  A wide range of trails take you through some of the best terrain Norway has to offer.  Final stage is in the dark - get out your headlamp and race down to the party at the finish!

Several different race classes including the Half-Barka.

Lifts in Hemsedal bikepark will be used for extra elevation gain on some of the stages.  Registration fee includes free lift pass to the Hemsedal Bike park Sunday after the race.

Invite your friends and make it a weekend to remember!

If you aren't participating in the race we'd love to have you along in the trail supporting.  A big part of Hardbarka is the energy trailside supporting!

Everyone welcome to the afterparty!

Are you up to the challenge of Hardbarka Enduro?

Hardbarka consists of approx. 3500 vertical meters of enduro mountain bike riding.  Much of the transport up will be via lifts in the bike park. 

The event takes place over the course of an entire day with the last stage coming in well after sundown.  Be ready to dig deep for an epic day exploring the mountains of Norway.

What is Enduro?

Enduro mountain biking is quickly becoming one of the most popular bike racing formats across the world.  Enduro races consist of un-timed transport sections where riders have time to pedal up to the starting line of the largely downhill oriented timed race stages. Participants are competing for the fastest combined time over the series of downhill race stages.  In between race stages participants will have time to eat, fix their bikes and pedal up to the start gates of the various race stages.  After you have ridden the better part of the day, competitors will get a longer break in which they can mount helmet and/or handlebar lights in anticipation of the final night stage.

The Trails

All trails will be made public the week before the race.  The bike club in Hemsedal has worked hard over the course of several years to build and maintain quality enduro trails throughout Hemsedal valley.  In 2019 we aim to improve upon several of the trails, increase general trail flow, setup the course to be more efficient with respect to elevation and offer some easier trails for participants.  It is recommended that competitors use a full suspension mountain bike with aggressive tires and wear full-face helmets.  The race stages will be challenging but not dangerous.

What is Hardbarka?

Hardbarka is a Norwegian term for someone that is tough, can handle adversity and has the experience to prove it.  Hardbarka enduro is a concept built on the idea of Hardbarka - a challenging, long competition where the toughest riders in Norway will rise to the top over the course of the day.

Read the rules: here
Read the junior rules: Junior Rules

Race Classes

Hardbarka Enduro.
5 speed stages including the night stage.
Men ages 17-29 

Men ages 30-45 

Men ages 46-60

Women ages 17-29

Women ages 30-45

Women ages 46-60

E-Bike Class
5 speed stages including the night stage.

E-Bike class men ages 17-65
E-Bike class women ages 17-65

Training Class Juniors
4 speed stages, no night stage.
Men Junior ages 13-17

Women Junior ages 13-17

Read the rules here: Rules Junior 

Halvbarka Enduro (Half Enduro)

Race stages 1, 2 og 4.
Optional night stage.

Stage 2 and 5 are the same stage (but 5 is ridden at night), your best result from either stage 2 or 5 will be used in your results.

Halvbarka enduro men ages 17-65

Halvbarka enduro women ages 17-65 

Where to stay?

We recommend that participants stay and setup their race base at Lodgen Hemsedal.  The race start, finish, rider's meeting and after-bike party will be at the Lodgen.  In addition, here you have easy access to good food, a bike shop, bike wash and bike storage garage.

Get more info regarding booking here!

Race prices 2019

Hardbarka Enduro and E-Bike Classes

550 NOK before September 1, 2019

750 NOK from September 2-28

Junior Women and Men ages 13-17 and Halvbarka Enduro

350 NOK before September 1, 2019

550 NOK from September 2-28

IMPORTANT: Registration closes 10:00 am September 27.  Registration day of race is 1000 NOK in all race classes as it is a lot of extra work for our volunteers.

Race fees include:

# Hardbarka enduro race with night stage
# Lift pass Saturday and Sunday Hemsedal Bike Park
# Hardbarka AFTERPARTY
# Lift access enduro mountain biking
# Enduro bike brand retailers onsite at the Skistar Conseptstore 

# Warm drinks, bananas and nuts between stages

# Hardbarka Enduro T-shirt 


First, second and third place in all classes receive awards

All participants will be entered into a drawing for great prizes from our sponsors at the Hardbarka Afterparty

For more information on prizes read here: PRIZES 2019

There will be lots of great prizes from our sponsors so follow as we get closer on our facebook event and social media pages!

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